The MORE Network offers workshops and presentations at various price points to make anti-racist work accessible for schools, businesses and organizations. We cover a variety of intersectional topics and can tailor a presentation to fit your groups needs. For more information, contact us at themorenetwork@gmail.com. Below are our current facilitators.

joyce tofte

Joyce Tofte (she/her/Mx.) is a transplant to the SW MN area. A military brat, she traveled all over the country most of her life which is the reason for her passion over diversity, equity and inclusion work. Joyce earned her bachelors in Biology and Psychology and her Masters in Industrial/Organization Psychology. Currently involved in multiple projects in the region including Co-Chair of Marshall's DEI commission and Community Outreach and Services Program Coordinator for New Horizons Crisis Center, Joyce is a co-founding member of The MORE Network.

Julie Walker

Julie Walker (she/her/Mx.) has lived in the Midwest for nearly her entire life, and she's lived the Marshall area since 2013. After growing up in a small community, Julie earned her bachelor's in Business Management, a Master's in Communication Studies, and an MFA in Applied Communication. During this time, she became a collector of stories. It was through the these stories that the stuff Julie had always "known" became a little less clear. Some things she'd taken for granted needed to be revisited. Julie is a co-founding member of The MORE Network. She lives in Marshall with her family and her dog.

Brianna Holmquist

Brianna Holmquist (she/her/hers) - COMING SOON

Olivia Hernandez

Olivia Hernandez (she/her/hers) - COMING SOON