Overcoming Racism Conference

The MORE Network is glad to partner with FREC to host a satellite location of the statewide Overcoming Racism conference. At this satellite conference, we share some resources with the larger statewide conference, such as the keynote presentation on Friday and the documentary presentation on Saturday. The afternoon sessions featured members of our community talking about issues relevant to our particular area of the state. 

Click HERE for more information on this past year's conference.

FREC (Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative) held its first Overcoming Racism Conference in 2009 in St. Paul, Minnesota.  FREC’s mission is to be collaborative (of individuals and organizations) working towards just, equitable, antiracist communities throughout Minnesota  FREC is volunteer operated, including a growing presence of volunteer leaders from Greater MN. 

The vision of FREC is for a state free of structural racism, actively engaged in eliminating racial prejudice and repairing the harm caused by white supremacy and racial inequalities. FREC's work includes an annual overcoming racism conference, a racial equity leadership institute and support to Greater Minnesota Partners with grants and other projects.

For more information on FREC visit https://overcomingracism.org/