Presentation Recordings

Recordings taken during the 2021 Overcoming Racism Conference

held Friday, November 12 through Saturday, November 13

Keynote Presentation Information

Friday 11/12/21 8 a.m. - Noon  (Zoom link provided to conference registrants)

Ruth Buffalo

with follow up round table discussion featuring local activists

Ruth Buffalo is a citizen of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation. She is originally from Mandaree. Ruth has served in various capacities focused on building healthy and safe communities.

Ruth was elected into the North Dakota House of Representatives in 2018 and proudly serves the people of District 27 in south Fargo.

Saturday Keynote Information

11/13/21 from 9-11:30 (Zoom link provided to conference registrants)

Presentation Viewing of 

PBS American Portrait

"I Rise"(Ep. 4)

Viewing & facilitated discussion with featured and local activists

Panel Presentations

Finding Your Voice

Darwin Dyce, Ghent

Within each of us is the power to change the world, but sometimes we don't know where to start. It can be hard to see injustice and not know how to go about fighting that injustice. This session with longtime Marshall activist Darwin Dyce will go through some of the actions you may choose to take to organize in Marshall. The session will explore things like organizing a vigil, writing a press release, and getting the word out!

Black Hair Care and Its Cultural Significance 

Joyce "Mama" Tofte, Benson

From cornrows to afros to twist outs and protective styles, black hair has held cultural significance passed down from generation to generation.  Joyce Tofte will be exploring historical and modern context that has shaped hair styles over the years and their effects present day. 

How to Help Them Hear You: Advocating in the Community 

Dr. Shelby Flint, Marshall and St. Paul

Education is the key to changing our lives, but how do we go about helping folks change behaviors? Former AIDS/HIV educator and SMSU professor Dr. Shelby Flint will discuss lived experiences educating the public to make change.

Our Healing Journey Towards Racial Equity in Book Clubs: Educating Ourselves and Transforming Our Relationships 

Brian-Paco Bertrand, Marshall and Anne Marie Vorbach, Marshall

This workshop is based on our experience in studying Healing Resistance: A Radically Different Response to Harm by Kazu Haga, the MORE Network’s first book club.  We will overview the principles and skills of Kingian non-violence in relation to how they guide us towards Beloved Community and away from replicating racial inequalities.  While gathering for a virtual book club, the importance of using restorative practices to ensure that everyone was heard and had a voice was fundamental. The presenters will share personal experiences in this rural book club, as well as how they applied principles in their lives.  Educating ourselves was further enhanced by the social interactions in discussions with others, which strengthened concepts by bringing them to light in the communal relationships.  Book club helped us examine our struggles with racism both internally and externally.

How do we create safe spaces knowing that people often disengage or ignore difficult topics? As moderators we are intentional about creating safe spaces to foster learning. This presentation will outline how we did this, what we learned, and how it has impacted us in our ongoing healing journey. 

Moving Forward: Where Do We Go From Here? 

Discussion led by Julie Walker, Marshall

Panel Description: Conversations in dedicated spaces like this conference are very important, but how do we move forward with the knowledge we've shared here? This session is dedicated to having a thoughtful discussion about ongoing actions being taken in Marshall and how we can more intentionally work for social justice.

Note: We did not record this session.